Woodard for President

StAn Woodard for President. If not then, when?

Being a conceptual artist living in Atlanta, Georgia, Stan Woodard has expressed his constitutional rights as a natural born American citizen, and every four years, since 1996, joined the ranks of esteemed Presidential candidates.

Using music and noise and light, graphics and multimedia, Woodard has brought his message to the public through performance and the website woodardforpresident.org. Considering how far beyond satire our actual political systems have moved, a Woodard Presidency may easily be envisioned. Many observers have longed for a common sense approach loosely rooted in the tenets of Disposalism and more contemporary tendencies, and Stan Woodard is the man to interpret that into reality.

For 2012 the quadrennial candidate offers Good News for Modern America: Stan Woodard for President, the Opera, which is destined to cast its shadow upon this September’s Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC, offering the American electorate a real alternative to the status quo.

In 1995, Stan Woodard put the world on notice of his intentions of "a better America for everyone"

Learn more about the campaign from Stan's 2011 PowerPoint slideshow AND get ready for the updated version coming soon!

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